Dogbane hemp indian

dogbane hemp indian

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Apocynum cannabinum (Dogbane, Amy Root, Hemp Dogbane, Prairie Dogbane, Indian Hemp, Rheumatism Root, or Wild Cotton) is a perennial herbaceous . Hemp dogbane (Apocynum cannabinum) is a member of the Dogbane family. Hemp dogbane is also called Indian hemp, Indian physic, Choctaw root, . Dec 5, 2000 . Dogbane, milkweed, honeybloom, bitter root, black hemp, hemp dogbane, lechuguilla, westernwall. Uses. Warning - Indian hemp can be toxic . Order: Gentianales - Family: Apocynaceae - Dogbane family. Genus: Apocynum L. - dogbane. Species: Apocynum cannabinum L. - Indian hemp . May 8, 2015 . Indian hemp, Prairie dogbane, Hemp dogbane, Dogbane. The strong, erect, purplish stem of Indian-hemp rises 3-4 ft., with branches . (Black Indian hemp, Hemp-Dogbane) The Dogbanes are plants with a milky juice , short tubular or bell-shaped flowers with five lobes, widely branched at the top . Jul 8, 2014 . The plant in question turned out to be a dogbane, a species commonly called Indian Hemp (Apocynum cannabinum). There is a closely related . Nov 4, 1994 . Hemp dogbane (Apocynum cannabinum L.) is one of several dogbane species native to North America. In Canada it is known as Indian hemp; . Range & Habitat: The native Common Dogbane occurs in every county of Illinois,. Comments: Another common name for this plant is Indian Hemp, because . Hemp dogbane stem; note smooth, reddish surface, opposite leaves with short. American hemp, bowmans root, Choctaw root, dogsbane, Indian hemp, .

dogbane hemp indian

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dogbane hemp indian

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